• Baby Don’t Cry (c) EXO, SME

    EXO (c) SME, theirselves

    Baby Don’t Cry (c) YouTube user,

    KAITO (c) Crypton YAMAHA

    MEIKO (c) Crypton YAMAHA

    Lily Native v3 (c) Avex YAMAHA

    Gackpoid Native + Whisper (c) Internet Co. YAMAHA

    VOCALOID fanart (c) wallpaperscraft

    Baby Don’t Cry art (c) Tumblr

    (Music mixed with Audacity - Video made with Windows Movie Maker)

    MP3 Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/wlanio78pu1xlal/Baby_Dont_Cry.mp3

    MID Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/j8osploq643dfb0/bebidonkerai.mid (go to Download Page on my tumblr to get the password)

    A short and mellow one for my comeback song. I am currently in EXO mood. First, I am sorry because I use the short version even though the full version is already out. It is because I downloaded the instrumental version before the full version released, and I don’t think I am good enough to make the rap part in the full version, so I will just continue with the short version. I hope this is enough for my comeback song!

    Second, I don’t usually listen to the Korean version, so I’m not really familiar with their type of voices. That is why I use default voices (KAITO and MEIKO) and voices I never use before to go well with the song. I plan to change the two main voices for the full version later, if I make one, after I get to know their voices further.

    Thank you for my subscribers! I will try to make another song since I’m currently on holiday! Critics and suggestions are always welcome!

  • (repost from youtube)



    Sexy, Free & Single instrumental version (c) KaraokeKPOP

    Sexy, Free & Single (c) Super Junior

    Super Junior (c) SMEnt & themselves

    Images (c) Look below

    Voice List, respectively:

    Siwon: VY2

    Donghae: Meiko

    Kyuhyun: SeeU

    Sungmin: Luka

    Ryeowook: Piko

    Eunhyuk: Len

    Leeteuk: Miku

    Subsinger: Gumi

    Images source:





    (I kind of lost about what picture should I use in the last and I use VY2 instead since it’s his part.)


    Yay for another teaser! It is surprisingly kinda difficult because of the fast lyric (try singing it yourself!) so I’m not gonna use effect whatsoever since I’d waste another day for it. This cover somewhat is an experiment for me because almost all of the Vocaloid cast are different from my previous Super Junior covers; Siwon, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Eunhyuk. Please tell me what do you think of current voices and should I return to previous voices (look at my other Super Junior videos if you want to compare) or exchange their voices :)

    CRITICS AND SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME! So I can do better in the full version :)

  • Wow… My Videos

    Two days ago I notice that my Ring Ding Dong Cover video is taken down because of “inappropriate content” and “matched third party content”. Today I checked it once more and it’s growing!

    *SHINee Lucifer Jp. Version

    *SHINee Noona Neomu Yeppeo

    *SHINee Lucifer

    *SHINee Ring Ding Dong

    Interestingly, all of them are SHINee’s. Is this connected to the fact that they’ll comeback at the end of March, I don’t really understand. But this thing has made my mood worse, thinking that the fact my videos can be taken down anytime =/

    So, give me a rest for a while. I am, actually, making the cover of 2NE1 and Super Junior, but I think I should give it a rest.

    Anyone still have my taken videos in their computer? Can you kindly share the link with me (and later, us)? Maybe I won’t upload them to youtube anymore, but it’s good for my new subscriber to watch/listen to the covers ^^

  • Download Link

    Thanks to sjchayennesm, I notice that every mp3 link I gave has broken. It is, maybe, since Mediafire changed its policy weeks ago, because Perfection cover is gone. It’s okay now, I reupload everything, now it’s direct link, so you can download it again with no error.

    Except mid/vsq link, since I can’t direct link it because it’s under password protection. I’ll try to think what will I do with them. Meanwhile, if you want the mid/vsq file, just message me in youtube/twitter so I can give you the download link :)

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • 【VOCALOID】 2PM Hands Up 【Teaser】 (by BismuthRaffles)

    Hands Up © 2PM
    2PM © JYPEnt & their own selves
    VOCALOID Kaito © Crpton Future MediaYAMAHA
    VOCALOID Kiyoteru © AH-Software
    Hands Up Instrumental Version © Youtube User, karaokekpop
    VSQ & Editing (c) me
    Pictures (c) Zerochan & Google image. Please message me if these are yours.
    I know Hands Up is a (kinda) old song, yet this song is booming in my country and I think I should give it a try! Simply it’s only teaser because I’m not confident enough to make a bunch of rap. The music cut is done by me, so beware of the low quality of cut music! Because of the teaser thing, I won’t give VSQ/Mid link, sorry ;)

    MP3 Download: Here

  • From my Youtube channel:

    VOCALOID + VOCALOID 2 © Yamaha
    Perfection/Tai Wan Mei (Japan Version) © Super Junior M
    Super Junior M © SMEntertainment + themselves

    About the video:
    Last one from me (currently) since college starts 5 days later. It should be uploaded at August 25th (a day after the song has released) yet I was so busy and actually my Vocaloid programs were gone so… it’s delayed for about a month. Next, I want this one to be ‘less-boring’ since my other uploaded videos only have about two-four pictures for four minutes, and I know some of you never watch them completely XD This video has so many pictures (even though I’m not that good at timing the slideshow, and this is made with Windows Movie Maker! =D) and animation, be sure to watch until it’s finished (actually my favorite part is the ending instead…)


    And now onto the long, long pictures disclaimer.
    Sungmin= superjuniorgirls.wordpress.com
    Ryeowook= kryvoice.tumblr.com
    Kyuhyun= narak35970.deviantart.com
    Siwon= isiwonelf.wordpress.com
    Eunhyuk= http://sapphirelove15.blogspot.com/2011/03/official-super-junior-m-perfection…
    Zhoumi= http://sapphirelove15.blogspot.com/2011/03/official-super-junior-m-perfection…
    Henry= http://superjewel.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/287116381.jpg?w=500&h=542
    Donghae= http://onlyhae.com
    SuJu M Group= http://starjunior.wordpress.com

    Rin= otakuzone.com
    Miku= http://img.youtube.com/vi/maAaY4U5TDQ/0.jpg (can’t get the uploader’s link)
    Meiko= hdipadwallpaper.com
    Kaito= music.kngine.com
    Len= animemusic.aktiv-forum.com
    Kiyoteru= bishibooru.com
    Luka= http://kazasou.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/konachan-com-68319-megurine_luka-v…
    Vocaloid Group= gameops.net

    MP3 Download Link: (not available for now)

    VSQ/MID Download Link: (uploading)

    On second thought, don’t Len and Kyuhyun look almost the same?

  • Vote?

    So I’ve finished Mirotic and I don’t know what should I make next. I still have free time, luckily until September, and I think I want to do your request ^_^ But since there are too many request, I decided to make a poll.

    What song do you want me to cover next?

    Stand by Me - SHINee

    Don’t Don - Super Junior

    Supa Luv - Teen Top

    Bbiribom (?) - Co-Ed School

    Up and Down - SHINee

    Beautiful - B2ST

    Tonight - Big Bang

    Ready or Not - SHINee

    Obsession - SHINee

    I am the Best - 2NE1

    Boyfriend - Boyfriend

    For your information, except for Don’t Don, Bbiribom, and Ready or Not, I never/frequently heard the rest so maybe I need some time to adapt to the song.

    You can answer by whatever, whether by replying this post, ask me in tumblr, replying me in Youtube, send me a comment in my channel, or just commenting to my Mirotic. You can even mention me in Twitter if you want. ^^

    If a song already has 5 votes, I will do it next ^^ Thank you very much! I hope you participate! ^^

  • Vocaloid (c) YAMAHA
    Mirotic (c) DBSK & SMEntertainment
    DBSK chibi picture (c) lolitea @ deviantart
    The other pictures (c) -please tell me if there are yours so I can credit you-
    Mirotic instrumental version (c) -please tell me if it yours so I can credit you-
    Requested by dieforkawaii

    I’m sorry for the long delay. Reading your every comment makes me feel so guilty for not finishing this earlier.

    Anyway I remove some part, like their moans, because I don’t know what are they saying/how to make the note like that in vocaloid. I also change the rap part a bit. It’s the most difficult song I’ve ever made, more difficult than the Nuuna Neomu Yeppeo one, I must admit. And again, I’m sorry if some part has low quality. This one shows how many weakness I have, really T_T

    • MP3 Download (Status: Done! In the download page)
    • VSQ/MID Download (Status: Done! In the download page)
  • So, this tumblr…

    is for my deviantart account and Youtube account. Well, since dA is being a **rk, I think it’s not safe to submit my macro there :\ Will just submit it here. I’ll reupload my dA’s macros, though.

    Well, in case you don’t know, I:

    Once this one

    In youtube, I am this one

    I’ll fill this tumblr with my macro as dA’s replacement, and also for my videos in Youtube. For my Youtube subscribers, I’ll add the vsq/mid download too :)

    Thank you!


  • Vocaloid (c) YAMAHA
    Bonamana / Bijin (Bonamana Jap Version) (c) Super Junior & SMEntertainment
    The pictures (c) please tell me if there are yours so I can credit you
    Bonamana/Bijin Instrumental version (c) Youtube Uploader (karaokeKpop. Subscribe them to get incredible instrumental version!)

    A little surprise for my subscribers, Bonamana Japanese Version (Bijin) ^___^ Luckily I’ve uploaded my Bonamana VSQ before my data lost, so I can edit the lyric without too much thing to do.

    I apologize if I make the lyric wrong. I’m trying to look for the lyric (in youtube, google, etc) but every website have almost different lyric, so I use my sister’s help who’s majoring in Japanese. The obvious different lyric is the last, where most of the website think it’s ‘itoshitteru’ but I hear it as ‘aishiteru’. Oh well. I apologize.

    MP3 Download (Status: Done! In download page)

    VSQ/MID Download (Status: Done! In download page)


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